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May 12, 2017: Governor Releases "May Revise"

Governor Brown has released proposed revisions to his 2017-2018 State Budget plan. Every May, the governor is required by state law to update the budget he originally submitted to the legislature in January.  The revisions, known as the “May Revise,” provide updated actual spending and revenue numbers that can help the Legislature and Governor determine priorities in spending. Click here to read a summary about how the revisions will impact the Department of Developmental Services budget. Click here to read a summary of the entire budget.

For more Budget Information

View the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) budget page and click here to link to the proposed 2015-2016 state budget posted on Governor Brown's website. Analysis of budget issues and their impact on the disability community are also available at the California Disability Consumer Action Network (CDCAN) website. You can sign up for breaking news email Budget Alerts (including information on rallies, activities, public hearings) on this website. e link to CDCAN  provides information that may be of use to the ELARC community. Please note that ELARC does not necessarily endorse, promote, support any of the content therein contained.)

Legislative Workshop 101

ELARC offers Legislative Workshops to our community over a variety of dates and times.  The workshop is an introduction to making a legislatorial difference with your California Representative.  Click here to view the flyer. with all the details.   Please note that  dates on the flyer have passed, however ELARC will schedule these workshops upon request and offsite dependent upon staff availability.  For more information email the Information and Training Unit.

ARCA Reports

The Association of Regional Center Agencies (ARCA) has released its newest report, titled On The Brink Of Collapse, meant to provide policy-makers, advocates, and the citizens of California an understanding of the crisis engulfing our state’s developmental services system.

Additionally, two reports authored by ARCA  in 2014 explain how funding limitations have negatively impacted regional centers’ ability to provide quality services to individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. The first report, entitled Inadequate Rates for Service Provision in California, details the struggle of service providers to meet increasingly complex needs while operating under stagnant rates. The second report, entitled Funding the Work of California’s Regional Centers, explains how over the past two decades the funding for regional centers has been decimated by California’s many budget crises. 

By posting these reports, ELARC hopes that they will increase your understanding of the challenges the developmental services system faces in supporting each Californian with a developmental disability as envisioned by the Lanterman Act.

Funding the Work of California’s Regional Centers
Inadequate Rates for Service Provision in California
ELARC page “Contact Your Legislator”


Please note: The Budget Page is updated when actions taken on the California state budget from the State Legislature and/or Governor's office and/or Department of Developmental Services have or may have significant impact for individuals with developmental disabilities.